Things to Before You Start Your Band

So, you have learnt playing the guitar, what’s the next step? Go out there, stand a band and entertain people! So what are the important things one should keep in mind before starting one? Lets look at it.
5. Advertise for band members
A band needs member’s right? Advertise in the right media about the new band that you are starting and tell the exact requirements of what type musicians you will need clearly. Also, mention what expectations they can have from the band i.e the money expected, types of shows etc.
4. Auditions
Next step is auditioning the people who turned up. Try to be fair and square in the auditions. See your requirements while gauging the talent of the artist too. Some artists maybe extremely talented but may not fit into the band. Gauge on all possibilities before selecting one. Creating a band is like creating a family with the artists as the family members. Also after you feel one is right for the band, explain him about the band clearly, what he can expect from your band, your clients etc in detail and ask if he is interested and okay with everything.
3. Advertise about the band
This is also an important step which people tend to skip. Yes, the word of mouth from your shows may help but advertising is the best way to reach the maximum number of people. The name of the band can become a house-hold name only with the combination of brilliant performances, word-of-mouth and ads in various media.
2. Create a Rehearsal space
Having your own rehearsal space is very important. The rehearsals may go on at anytime, late nights, days together, hours continuously etc. Hence having your own space is very important. Also, make sure the rehearsal area has all the basic amenities like restrooms, waters, access to food nearby etc.
1. Begin Rehearsals
Make your own songs and practice them for hours. Spend most of the time with the band. You need not release and perform every song made. But always try to keep a surprise element or a new song in store. Try to be the best and always try to entertain.
Creating a band is easy, maintaining and becoming a rage needs work. In the end, all that is required is COMMITMENT.